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Locations to Grab Babes in: Denver, Colorado!

Locations to Grab Babes in: Denver, Colorado!

Virtually everyone in the ABCs professionals is travel around constantly in the past few months. We’ve already been plane style, not only to several shows, but multiple countries, and!

If we head to these newer areas, we’ve reached change all of our well-honed PUA radars on and attempt to ascertain the greatest sites to attend so the children can apply and find out inside greatest environment. Sometimes it’s hit-and-miss, but most of times our instincts are pretty close and lead united states to some collection hasns.

Inside our top-secret inter-company communique, we have records of strategies available by each member of all of us built to help them have a feel for just what sorts of places tend to be conducive to collection and which ought to be avoided. Because we’re everything about giving importance and helping completely the brothers residential and international, we thought it could be better to promote our suggestions to you in an innovative new collection also known as,

This series will outline, city by town, where we went, what sort of spots we went along to, how they level on our very own size, many miscellaneous tips and tricks.

Since we simply returned from Colorado a while ago, initial city on all of our map is actually Denver!

Locations to choose girls: Denver, Colorado!


Whenever you go to an urban area, a good thing to-do is actually query some of the cuter waitresses and bartenders where they’re going . Generally, any attractive woman in the hospitality market (dining, pubs, accommodation) know of a lot of great places and, since I love to upscale bars considerably more, I’ll question them in which good quality ultra-lounges were.

Saturday Evening:

Suite 200 (1427 Larimer road): common nightclub admission (clothes good, arrive early). Great location teeming with sweet cocktail waitresses and the audience we were looking for: younger, hot and trendy. Situated on bustling Larimer St., Suite 200 was full of hotties and well-dressed gents and could’ve (very nearly) passed as an LA nightclub.

Didn’t start out until 11:30pm-ish. Big place with a lot of sets, close skill and talkative individuals. Loud audio but spots to identify. Steer clear of the dancing floors place! The bottleservice neighborhood types douchers. Periodic MILF, but usually connected to a man. Average drink rates (expensive for Denver).


Generally in most cities, comparable organizations are going to be possessed by the exact same company and, typically, they’ll turn publicity on particular nights. This was simply the case and I also learned that collection 200 was possessed by a business known as Lotus bars that also owned 24k, Marquis, Oak Tavern, and 5 grade.


5 qualifications (1475 Lawrence St): exact same club entryway. Far more seriously populated (and that is common on a Saturday-night in any urban area), it actually was just like cool, stylish and fun. No bottleservice focused and a lot of single MILFs out over deceive to their husbands (we receive). Waitresses tend to be awesome hot and you will be arranged in the doorway should you decide arrive early adequate.

DEAD until about 11:30pm. Wider age-range focused more on the 6s, 7s and 8s with all the unexpected waiter HB9. Deafening musical inside (smaller dance floor), but huge terrace to isolate (gets PACKED whenever it’s hot). Many different types of sitting (just like a restaurant) and tons of units. Exact same beverage pricing as room 200.

Sunday Nights:

Shag Lounge (830 fifteenth Street): an enjoyable place! UBER cheaper products and a very good, indie audience. Everyone was really relaxed, friendly therefore the room have loaded. Different music with minimal any dancing. Lightweight place but sofas and an outdoor to separate. Sunday in Denver try a social circle-oriented nights, therefore be careful the way you work your units and watch who knows exactly who.

The rest during the town was deserted and fireman dating free Shag Lounge is definitely the just spot to carry on a Sunday evening. I highly recommend they!

Anyhow, that’s it your secrets of Denver. Hope this can help your on your own trip!

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